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Research driven design


As designers, we seek to better understand people's relationships with technology. We follow an embedded design research approach, drawing on the latest knowledge in design methods to generate deep insights.


Our process focuses on framing systemic, social or technological challenges and understanding their context. This allows us to begin ‘reframing’ challenges to inspire potential solutions.


We approach design as an iterative and human-centred process, the key to our success is focusing on people and their experiences. We creatively explore patterns of behaviour to discover applied designs.


Prototyping allows us to quickly expose design constraints and work to overcome nuanced challenges in a hands-on way. Prototyping is at the centre of our design process, it puts the design in the hands of the user faster and generates insights quickly.


Design research methods allow us to confidently make design decisions, this is because we can validate them in meaningful ways. Using hypothesis-driven strategies we are able to deliver strategic insights which validate our outcomes.

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